Power Plant Market Operation Management

Manage Market Operations of Your Power Plant

Plan your power plant’s EXIST (Energy Exchange) and TEIAS (Network Operator) operations in the Day Ahead and IntraDay markets in a fast and secure way and boost the operational efficiency of your team.

Let’s integrate the forecast data of your power plant you manage!

  • Integrate hourly production forecasts from 3rd party service providers for renewable power plants such as wind and solar.
  • Track production forecast results from 3rd party software of your thermal power plant.
  • Review forecast data from 3rd party service providers, such as temperature, wind speed and humidity.
  • Let your power plant operator make his own forecast entries.
  • Choose the forecast you want to consider in the calculation with the help of automatic locking and update options.
  • Conduct performance analysis of multiple incoming prediction versions for the same time in a day and use the most accurate estimate.
  • Evaluate all forecasts on the analysis screen.
  • Minimize your forecast errors by optimizing your predictions

Manage the Bids for Day Ahead and Intraday markets from a single platform.

  • Calculate your net position and save your time with production forecast, net bilateral agreement and eligible customer sales entries.
  • Estimate your Virtual Bilateral Agreement amounts.
  • Create clusters with a DAMP / SMP analysis board and support your SMP estimates.
  • Create predefined price bidding groups.
  • Have the privilege of easy switching among multiple companies.
  • Submit all your bids and offers to EXIST with a single click.

Complete the KGUP and EAK operation of your power plant from a single screen.

  • Prepare your KGUP and EAK nominations.
  • Check the KGUP – EAK entries of multiple companies and plants in your portfolio from a single screen.
  • Save time in your operations with the ability to convert from EAK to KGUP.
  • Quickly calculate your KGUP with the total Day Ahead and Intraday market sales

Set up the digital bridge between your power plant and operation centre.

  • Collect field data from your plant operators under a single roof with our real-time data processing infrastructure.
  • Keep your performance at the top without paying attention to the size of data thanks to our cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Step into the world of big data analysis with our Digital Energy Platform supported by Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
  • Keep control by assigning standard, minimum and maximum values for each data type.
  • Prevent data clutter with data versioning methods that the platform offers.
  • Enjoy advanced analysis experience based on data and plant type

Perform the EXIST market process of your Bilateral Agreements more efficient.

  • Report your bilateral agreements with your intra-group companies to EXIST double-sided and automatically.
  • Turn your production estimates directly into a bilateral agreement.
  • Complete the bilateral agreements of all your companies from a single screen.
  • Manage only sales or double-sided bilateral contract notifications of your power plant.

Stay up-to-date energy market transactions with Intelligent Notification Management

  • Automate your market operations such as regular KGUP and EAK notification with pre-defined transaction options.
  • Design custom notifications and alarms with smartScript.
  • Put reminders on the operation of your power plant.
  • Keep yourself updated about the results of market transactions.
  • Use SMS, Email and mobile notification options.