Platform Overview

Monitor Your Facilities Continuously, Securely and without Interruption

Thanks to the smart gateway and smart sensor we have developed with our experienced IoT team, track the real-time information of your electricity generation and energy consumption points with mobile and web-based interfaces using our cloud-based infrastructure.



Use global protocols accepted in industry and automation standards.


Easily integrate your IoT data and events into 3rd Party applications and business processes with RESTful API

Track Your Hardware

Remotely monitor the SmartBox, a gateway and a sensor, supported by global protocols.

Process Your Real-Time Data with smartConnect

Monitor data from all your energy production and consumption points instantaneously (3 sec – 1 hour).

Set Critical Alarms

Monitor instant performance of your plant by setting predefined critical alarms with intelligent notification management


Use smartPulse’s data analytics library with advanced tools such as data mining, artificial intelligence and optimization supported with the Predictive Analysis approach.

Keep Your Data Safe

Protect your end-to-end IoT data both in the field and in advanced cloud-based infrastructure with a multi-layered enterprise security approach


Manage your power plant on a single platform with our smartBots!

Power Plant Monitoring

Track your power plant with real-time data processing technology SmartConnect.

Power Plant Market Operation Management

Manage your energy market operations with the support of smartBots.

Smart KGUP Update Service

Plan your power plants’ generation with our smartBots.

AutoTrader – Algorithmic Energy Trading

Discover the high-frequency world of algo energy trading.

Digital Balancing Pool

Reduce your energy imbalance cost with the Virtual Balancing Group.

enerji tüketim noktaları


Monitor Your Energy Consumption Points, Track Your Costs and Improve Your Profitability

Facility Monitoring

Track your facility’s energy consumption, temperature and humidity with real-time data processing technology SmartConnect.

Energy Planning and Invoice Management

Manage your energy costs and invoice with advanced analysis tools.