Hello Spain!


Our constant pursuit for success via added value has come to fruition once again and we cannot contain our happiness 🙂
With the valuable partnership and support of Deloitte Spain, we have successfully passed the integration tests to 🇪🇸 Spain and 🇵🇹 Portugal's electricity market operator OMI - Polo Español (OMIE) (https://www.omie.es/en) systems🚀

From now on, participants in the Iberian electricity markets will have the benefit and comfort of automation in their operational processes by using our cloud-based software solutions (SaaS) and gain an upper hand over their competitors in the "Intraday Market" using our “smartBot”s for algorithmic trading.

This is our first step to establish our presence in the European markets. We hope to achieve many more of these success stories together with our stakeholders as 
smartPulse Technologies family in the very near future 😉