Facility Monitoring

Monitor Real-Time Energy Consumption Data of Your Facility

Track and report real-time data instantly and set critical alarms with advanced IoT hardware and cloud-based infrastructure.

Start monitoring your plant data from a single platform with a simple installation of smartBox.

  •  Easily connect your electricity meter to the cloud-supported IoT database via Blink Reader or Optical Port / RS485 Port by using customized smartSensor.
  • Provide uninterrupted communication with Ethernet and GSM connection.
  • Support real-time data flow by integrating with your SCADA and AMR systems (optional).
  • Control the performance of your plants by monitoring data such as humidity and ambient air temperature.

Track the performance of your store and branches with customized Reports and Intelligent Alarms.

  •  Monitor your facility’s real-time (3 sec – 1 hour) energy consumption.
  • Track instant energy consumption reductions and increases and create notifications.
  • Identify high energy consumption by detecting anomalies and start saving.
  • Monitor facility efficiency in real time.
  • Track your reactive energy limits.
  • Keep your capacity under control with two-tier tariff management.
  • Perform customized analyzes with advanced graphics options such as heat map.
  • Analyze more detailed energy consumption in heating, cooling and lighting.
  • Watch the critical alarms you define with intelligent notification management.
  • Use SMS, Email and mobile notification options.