Energy Planning and Invoice Management

Control your increasing electricity costs of more than 50% with the introduction of Supplier of Last Resort Tariff, by using the advanced monitoring and analysis tools that smartPulse develops for high volume electricity consumers.

Predict your mid-term and long-term electricity costs by using Turkey’s first and unique electricity price forecast model owned and developed by APLUS Energy Consultancy in Turkey.

Track Your Energy Consumption Forecasts and Analyse.

  •  Submit your consumption forecasts on the platform and start tracking.
  • Estimate your plant consumption with prediction tools supported by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Nominate your forecasts to your energy supplier in daily, weekly and monthly periods.
  • In the day, revise your forecasts, track your position and inform your supplier.
  • Define lower and upper limits to your forecast values to avoid potential mistakes.

Intelligently Manage Energy Costs.

  •  Define commercial proposals from existing or different suppliers as a contract on the digital energy management platform.
  • Analyze APLUS Energy’s DAMP and feed-in-tariff cost forecasts from the platform.
  • Check your future cash flow and estimate your invoice costs.
  • Calculate your energy unit cost through your turnover, sales volume, number of branches, number of beds (hotels and hospitals) or the size of your branch.

Track Your Energy Cost Performance Instantly.

  •  Control your DAMP, feed-in-tariff and energy consumption forecast performances.
  • Verify your current invoice amount.
  • Calculate which proposal of a supplier is more profitable for you.
  • Report deviations in your billing estimates based on sub-breakdowns, such as consumption, DAMP and feed-in-tariff predictions.

Control Your Energy Bills from a Single Platform.

  •  Check invoices received from your supplier.
  • Manage invoices if you have more than one facility under your organization.
  • Save time by hourly billing on the digital energy management platform if you are within Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ).

Manage your Reactive Costs and two-tier Electricity Tariffs.

  •  Manage your one to two-tier tariff switching.
  • Set your capacity limits in the two-tier tariff and track critical alarms.
  • Manage benefits while switching between single and 3-tier electricity tariffs.
  • Keep track of your limits according to the intervals you set, and set up critical alarms to avoid reactive costs.