Dogan Enerji Case Study


Power Plant Operation, KGUP Revisions and Algo-Energy Trading Platform.

Need: Doğan Enerji, as Turkey’s one of the largest Virtual Balancing Group, target to automate the energy market operations and minimize KGUP penalties of its high capacity wind power plants.

Solution: smartGateway and smartSensor which are developed by SmartPulse’s experienced IoT team installed to all renewable power plants. After the platform enabled, all power plant operations were centralized on a single Digital Energy Management Platform. All the KGUP revision services and their operations have been automated regardless of within or outside working hours.

* The energy market operations of more than 50 power plants have been automated with the help of smartBots. Thus, by reducing the working hours, the possible mistakes and operational load have been reduced, and operational efficiency has been increased.

* KGUP penalty control and power plant imbalance cost management automation enabled an active cost management process and increased savings.