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Say Hello to New Generation Energy Cost Management

smartPulse is shaping the way of energy planning and energy cost management with the digital energy technologies it develops by combining the IoT infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Experience the Real-Time Data Processing smartConnect Technology

Thanks to the real-time data processing technology we have developed, we offer end-to-end the most advanced tools for processes that require prompt data processing such as virtual energy imbalance management and energy trading.

Digitize Your Energy

We monitor your energy production and consumption points by using our unique software capability, new generation energy monitoring hardware smartBox and our cloud-based infrastructure.

Improve Your Profitability

Thanks to the smartPulse Digital Energy Management Platform, we reduce the energy costs of our Business Partners from energy trading and production to energy consumption and boost their savings and profitability.

Meet Us!

In the age of Industry 4.0 where technological development increases at an exponential speed, our Digital Energy Managers are ready to find solutions to your problems. With SmartPulse Digital Energy Management Platform, you can contact us to start the Energy 4.0 journey and begin managing your costs immediately.

¹ As of May 1st, 2021



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  • At the beginning of 2018, smartPulse Technology Inc. was established as a company that focuses on cloud-based intelligent energy cost and energy trade management for power plants and energy consumers.
  • Digital Balancing Pool infrastructure for Energy Trading was developed.
  • The Series A financing is closed.


  • Completed the algorithmic energy trading system that operates according to the rules developed by the users and supported by JAVA based intelligent bots.
  • Launched power plant operation and nomination management infrastructure.
  • As a result of comprehensive R & D activities, it developed a new generation smartBox hardware for real-time energy production and energy consumption monitoring activities

We are a proud Microsoft Silver Partner.