We use smartPulse technologies with great pleasure in the management of our portfolio. We are one of the top 3 market participants with the highest trading volume in the Intraday Market. This is made possible with the end-to-end integrated Intraday Market automation infrastructure from smartPulse that allows us to manage this high tempo with a small task force. We have greatly digitized our critical trading processes. Thus, we reached a point where it is very difficult to reach with pure human effort, error-free in terms of operational quality. The smartPulse customer excellence team always provides full support and works as a part of our team in designing algorithms and defining automation rules which are the most important elements of the system

Mehmet Ali Günay
NYK – Energy Trading and Origination

Generation or trading companies want to trade with products that can hedge the prices and costs they are exposed to in the markets. Thanks to this infrastructure provided by Smartpulse, I can say that a great need in the intraday market has been fulfilled. I congratulate the Smartpulse team for this contribution to the risk management of companies.

Ömer Koç
Gama Energy – Trading Manager

With smartPulse, we have overcome difficulties around the infrastructure required for trading flexibility, which is one of the prerequisites for the development of new products on imbalance management and for commercial implementation.

Alper Inkaya
Aksa Energy - Portfolio Manager

We use SmartPulse to manage our portfolio and trade in the intraday market. During the time we started using it, we accelerated our growth by automating all of our own operational processes with the smartPulse platform. In addition to automatic trading support, we have doubled our profitability and increased our efficiency, thanks to the algorithms we have developed with the software infrastructure, and we have reduced the time we allocate to the relevant processes to one third. smartPulse platform will play a greater role in this process, as energy trade is increasingly turning into real-time data management.

Barış Yıldırım
Frekans Energy

We’d like to extend our appreciation to Smartpulse for creating a dashboard where we can monitor our unit, plant and company based generation capacities. Also being able to monitor water levels in our hydro plants provides us with insight to enhance our day ahead nominations as well as our intraday market decisions.

Merve Balcı
Rama Energy

We reduced our costs by 25% in the first half of 2021 using Smartpulse, with which we are carrying out the entire trade process of our active balancing portfolio

Başar Aydın
Aksa Enerji -Trading Manager

With the Wind Turbine Monitoring program established in our Gulpinar WPP Plant, we had the opportunity to instantly monitor the generation, wind speed, turbine operating information (windspeed, capacity factor) and market/ revenue data. Also, the integrated mobile application is very useful when traveling.

Ramazan Bayhan Yelen
Gulpinar Energy


smartPulse - Toshiba

We’re thrilled to welcome Toshiba Corporation among our investors. This strategic deal will help accelerate our mission of supporting clean energy transition by increasing value of flexibility and enhancing feasibility.

Croatian Market Workshop

We have partnered with Croatian Power Exchange CROPEX to organize a workshop on API trading exclusively for CROPEX members.

2 year in a row

We are proud of being on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey list two years in a row. With our endless thanks to all our team and stakeholders...


The team has been in two trade fairs last week back-to-back, first ETCSEE - E


We had a very productive in-person visit to Madrid between March 1-4th, planned around the event titled ‘Experiences in Automating Electricity Trading Processes and Algorithmic Trading Strategies’, host

About us

Önder Akar - CEO & Co-Founder

18 years in energy markets/software domain. Key role in Turkish Energy Exchange software development. Deloitte Alumni.

Ozan Korkmaz - CRO & Co-Founder

19 years in energy markets domain​. Founder of successful local energy advisory firm APLUS.

Uygar Yörük – C-Growth & Co-Founder

28 years of experience/ 1000+ Clients. Participated or led the design, implementation, and operations of energy markets. Deloitte and Gartner Alumni.

Kerem Topuz – CFO & Co-Founder

18 years in corporate finance. Deal room experience in 20.000MW. Deloitte Alumni.

Murat Yılmaz – CTO, Senior Director

22 years in software engineering. Public and private software projects senior architect.

Ali Güleç – COO, Director - Customer Success & Analytics

13 years in energy markets domain. C-Level strategy delivery. Deloitte Alumni.

Hande Aydemir – Director - Product

8 years in energy markets domain, energy trading & ETRM product management.

H. Gökalp Cinbiş – Director - Sales and Business Development

15 years in wholesale and retail energy trading business. C-level management experience.


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