Meet the Next Generation Digital Energy Management Platform

Step into the World of Smart Energy Trading, supported by advanced Artificial Intelligence methods, while monitoring your facilities in real-time, from energy production to consumption through the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure.


Power Plant Monitoring

Track your power plant with real-time data processing technology SmartConnect

Power Plant Market Operation Management

Manage your energy market operations with the support of smartBots.

Smart KGUP Update Service

 Plan your power plants’ generation with our smartBots

AutoTrader – Algorithmic Energy Trading

 Discover the high-frequency world of algo energy trading

Digital Balancing Pool

 Reduce your energy imbalance cost with the Virtual Balancing Group

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Facility Monitoring

 Track your facility’s energy consumption, temperature and humidity with real-time data processing technology SmartConnect

Energy Planning and Invoice Management

 Manage your energy costs and invoice with advanced analysis tools.

Why SmartPulse?

SmartPulse is an Intelligent Energy Management platform that offers end-to-end advanced digital energy management tools for real-time monitoring and managing costs of your power plants and energy consumption facilities.

SmartPulse Experience

SmartPulse monitors all of your facilities from energy generation to consumption with the Cloud-based IoT infrastructure, plan their operations with smartBots, and provides you with advanced algorithms and allows you to perform high frequency energy trading.

Advanced Cost Management

Reduce your energy costs by analyzing your data and market forecasts that we provide

Operational Efficiency

Manage your plant by designing intelligent algorithms with smartBots.

Advanced Analysis

Use the advanced data analytics library for the energy sector supported by smart Pulse’s Predictive Analysis tools.

Real Time Data Management

Enable prompt energy trading with SmartPulse’s real-time data management technology smartConnect.

The number of the facilities we have monitored and the value we earn for you grows every day.



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Power Plants

Total Number of Facilities Being Monitored

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